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For all those little jobs around the house and garden

Tel: 07989 223 634


The Handyman Can! is a fixed price service. £30 first hour, £25 per hour thereafter. The minimum charge is 1 hour, then charged every 15 minutes or part thereof.


There is no need for a quote, call the Handyman and describe the job, you will be given an estimate of the time needed to complete the task(s). If the job(s) will take longer than expected the Handyman will check with you before going more than ½ an hour over the quoted time. However, if you would prefer me to visit first and provide a quotation, please call to arrange a time.


Payment must be made on completion of the job by cheque, BACS or cash.


Small materials such as screws, glue and rawlplugs will be provided within the cost. Other materials must either be supplied by you or will be charged for on top of the hourly rate.


Please discuss with The Handyman before booking if you want materials, paints etc supplied.